Unlock Your Pelvic Power: Join the Community Revolutionizing “Lady-Parts” and Mindsets. Say Goodbye to Shame, Loneliness, and Setbacks and Experience Faster Healing with Ease.

30 Million Women Suffer From Leaking, Prolapse and Pelvic Pain … and I was One of Them…Let Me Show You How To Reclaim Your Sexuality, Health, and Vibrancy With Community & Support!


My entire journey started with a personal struggle with my own “lady parts” and bladder that was not only frustrating, but was also defeating, degrading, and downright embarrassing. I suffered in silence, too embarrassed and ashamed to tell others what was going on with me.

Even worse than that were the feelings of isolation and frustration that came from thinking this was my problem that I had to solve on my own.

I was alone suffering from my shame and secrets.

The problem in feeling alone is that we start to believe that we have to go the distance alone. And oh my dear Queen, that’s far from the case. We’re 30 million strong and counting, which means you are not alone, and there are no challenges we can’t meet and surpass together!

That’s why I felt it so important to share this with you right now as you begin your journey towards a healthier, happier, and more connected version of you.

If we really want to take control of our health, we need to stop struggling on our own and embrace the healing energy of sisterhood.

I believe that when women support each other, magic happens.

You’re Not Meant to Heal Alone

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Every day I hear from women how difficult it is to heal on their own. They’ve tried everything from surgeries, injections into their bladers, pills with bad side effects only to be left with more pain and more symptoms. This hamster wheel experience is what I call the “Doctor Roadshow.” A humiliating and costly journey that leaves women infected with hopelessness, and nowhere to turn except to another doctor. Isn’t it time for all of us to change our stories and to reclaim what has always been ours- true personal healing with you my Queen steering the boat.

There’s a Better Way to Heal.
Isn’t it Time We Start To Trust Our Selves, Our Bodies, and Our Intuitions

Now is the time to commit to your own health, take charge, and tap into the bodies’ ability to heal naturally. Yes, our bodies can heal naturally, and we need to do that healing in a community supported by like-minded women. We are not meant to heal alone. We are meant to be supported by a loving community and guided by experts who know their craft and can get us faster healing results. After seeing my client’s and patients’ frustration and disillusionment with the current medical system, I decided to do something about it and created a sisterhood for us to turn to in our time of need.

Here are some other reasons why I believe in the role of community in healing SO much:

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Community helps us grow— when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, share, and to truly be seen by others, it’s an act of courage. These small acts of courage allow us to grow beyond where we were before. And with luck, we won’t be able to shrink back down to the size we were previously.

Group learning also accelerates growth and health.

When other women bring their experiences out into the open, we suddenly realize we’re not alone. We easily have those discoveries and a-ha moments that we never would have had otherwise.

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Accountability happens naturally in a group — have you ever made a resolution to change a habit? Sworn to yourself time and again you’d make a healthy choice, only to find yourself promising again the next day to do it for real this time? We all have, right?

But when we declare our goals, our hopes, and our dreams to someone else, suddenly they become real. They become things we have to achieve.

This is the magic of accountability.

We hate letting other people down. We hate feeling embarrassed admitting we didn’t do what we said we would.

And this is where we see a direct effect on the healing process. When your sisters are rooting for you, and expecting you to love yourself enough to be true to your intentions, magic happens.

Transformations can’t happen alone — ever tried figuring out a problem completely by yourself? You think and think and think and can never quite come to a resolution….then you get the courage to bring your problem to a friend, and *boom* the answer becomes clear. This is the power of the community at work.

Group of women

We need other women to be our mirror. To be our cheerleaders. To be our crutch when we can’t walk on our own.

If we really want to take control of our health, we need to stop struggling on our own and embrace the healing energy of sisterhood.

I believe that when women support each other, magic happens.

That’s why I’ve created an environment for women that’s so safe, supportive, and fun that you may even forget you’re on a healing journey.

This is not just another “membership site” but an entire community of like-minded women, hellbent on taking back their health and “lady parts” forever and supporting millions of other women who are suffering from the same predicament.


The Pelvic Wellness Collective Community

The only community dedicated to helping you heal and take back control of your “Queendom”, surrounded by like-minded powerful queens dedicated to their own healing and yours!

Testimonials From Our Exclusive Members

Judy was reluctant to join an online community but found the support, community, and healing she needed.

Katrina loves the community and the 24-7 access, so she can access the material when she has the time and can get her questions answered so she never feels confused or alone.

Myra was finally able to find other women with who she could talk without feeling shame, which is such a hindrance to healing. In the community, I can talk to women who are just like me.

“I have changed so much of the way I use my body thanks to this program. I feel in charge of my health again.” — Susan

“You can trust Isa, and she will teach you how to listen to the messages of your body, which is so important for long-term healing” — Marta

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How It Works

Get the inspiration & expert guidance you need to keep moving forward so you heal safely and with self-confidence. The truth is that women are NOT meant to heal alone. In the community, women are stronger, more empowered, & more inspired to focus on themselves and reclaim their pelvic power. The time is NOW to stop outsourcing our self-care and to take back control of our bladder and pelvic health with expert guidance, support, and community!

Each month we create an extraordinary journey where you get an opportunity to learn from the top experts in the world.

In this women ONLY community, you get to share and elevate yourself with our monthly sisterhood calls where you can come and get TRUE support from other women. We are NOT meant to heal alone.

Our “Ask The Expert”monthly calls give you the opportunity to level up your healing by getting accurate up to date answers to your most pressing questions.

Our monthly sound healing sessions will help you to feel calm and relaxed and I think right now that is much needed.

Ask The Experts

Ask The Experts Group Coaching Sessions- Never Have A Question Go Unanswered

During these stressful times, I want you to get the help you NEED so you can heal faster, by having a coach hold your hand & guide you throughout your healing journey. My coaches are second to none and they’re all here to help you get not just the most help, but the BEST help in women’s health today. All members get a monthly group coaching call where you get to ask questions of Isa and her coaches. You will NOT find this kind of support for this price anywhere on the internet. Heck, even your doctor won’t have the answers we can provide for you. You’ll also be able to get ON DEMAND HELP by posting questions into our Non-Facebook community– that way you’re always safe and moving forward.

The Five Pillars of Pelvic Success

The Five Pillars of Pelvic Success- Clinically Proven Exercise Roadmap

This roadmap will guide you step-by-step as you walk your path to reclaiming your pelvic health at your own pace. The five pillars of pelvic success are part of my S.T.A.R.R. system, which has helped over 14,000 women heal from leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, and pain with intimacy. You’ll learn how to build a (S)trong Foundation as you (T)est and learn about your body so you can (A)lign, (R)estore, and (R)eclaim your pelvic power. Each pillar helps you take actionable steps with checklists, worksheets, and tools to help track your progress.


Monthly Live Masterclass With Top Women’s Health Experts

Each month Isa Herera’s Masterclasses will feature the latest and most updated women’s health information that’ll help you go deeper into reclaiming your health. Expect to find some of the top health experts in the industry sharing their wisdom and knowledge so that you can have more energy, better intimacy, more focus, and better pelvic and bladder health. Isa herself will be conducting quarterly masterclasses as well and sharing her vast knowledge in the field of pelvic health.

Recent Masterclass Topics Include:

  • vulva skin health
  • advanced pelvic rituals
  • mindset hacks
  • self-care tricks
  • hormone replacement
The Sisterhood Circle

The Sisterhood Circle Monthly Call With Isa and Her Team

Many women experience some type of trauma throughout their lives, but most of the people around us probably wouldn’t know that would they? Often as women, we think we have to “keep it together” so we don’t unravel in a society that places so many stresses and pressures on us.

With our monthly sisterhood calls, you can let go of the idea that you “have it all together” – that’s a myth, and trust me, no one can honestly say that. Being vulnerable around people who care about you is so liberating. You’ll find yourself surrounded by waves of support and advice that can only come from those who have walked on a similar path as you.

Body First Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness

Body First Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Workouts- Get Fit, Toned & Strong

Each month Isa Herera’s Body First Workout Series focuses on strengthening the Queendom Temple. These workouts are pelvic floor safe and engineered for a woman’s body.

Recent Masterclass Topics Include:

  • Gentle Yoga Workout
  • Stability workout
  • Bone health workout

Monthly Community-Led Challenges- The Fun and Good Kind That Bring Massive Transformation

Our community monthly challenges are light-hearted, fun, and vital in helping us adopt a healthier lifestyle so we can move forward to achieve goals one step at a time. We all know the power of lifestyle medicine and with these challenges, you’ll be able to see which ones work the best for you. Every challenge helps you to get closer to achieving your health goals.

Looking Glass Series

Looking Glass Series- New Monthly Content Added to Supercharge Your Mindset, Healing, and Pelvic Power

With our monthly content, you will be introduced to core concepts that help develop a “Queen’s Mindset” and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, so you NEVER have to deal with leaking, pain, or “Down There” problems. The New Monthly content will help you stretch your existing abilities and beliefs, so you develop an anti-fragile mind, strong pelvic floor, and fit body that will weather the storm of your healing journey.

Monthly Sound Healing Sessions

Monthly Sound Healing Sessions- Scientifically Proven to Alter Your BrainWaves (In a Good Way)

The healing benefits of sound cannot be underestimated. Dr. Alfred Tomatis, an innovator, and leader in the field of sound believes that sound feeds and influences our neurological system by delivering electrical messages to our brain. Sound therapy can help reduce pain and depression, promote relaxation, and decrease stress. Recent research has also shown that voice toning to premature infants can increase the baby’s oxygen levels, increase their food intake, and influence their brain development. Sound healing is powerful medicine, make no mistake about it, and should be considered as a serious choice for those looking to experience something different or for those who need more to heal.

Join our resident sound healer David Ondrick each month for a sound healing session and lesson. His unique approach will not only enable you to receive sound codes but also learn basic techniques to do begin your own sound healing practice for your personal well-being.

The Pelvic Wellness Collective Online Community

The Pelvic Wellness Collective Online Community- A “SAFE” Place to Share Your Inner Truths and Let Your Hair Down-NOT ON FACEBOOK!!

Connect with like-minded Queens in our private Community. This community of women is so safe, supportive, and fun that you may even forget you’re actually on a healing journey. Here you can ask questions, seek support, celebrate your wins, and share your experiences towards health reclamation. Finally, be seen and understood for the divine woman you are!

A true sisterhood that could only be found when we stand up and say I could, I matter and I’m putting myself first on my own list.

And the best part? No long-term contracts…You can cancel at any time.

Special New Bonuses Added

BONUS #1: Founding Member’s Discount, $29/month – Discounted by 39%

BONUS #2: The Happy Lady Parts Toolkit ebook – Value $29

BONUS #3: Back Pain Healing Guide – Trade Secrets That Actually Work – Value $32

BONUS #4: The Good Sleep Guide – Value $29

BONUS #5: Live Fascia Kegel Masterclass with Isa… – Value $250

BONUS #6: Release Party – See Inside & Ask Isa Anything Extra Coaching Call – Value $925

It’s a powerful place filled with like-minded women who share your own trajectory.

And all of it is regularly updated, expanded and improved with the most cutting edge self-care techniques, healing sessions and even discounts from vendors who align with our ideals and have products we’ve fully vetted and approve of for your own healing.

The only thing missing is you!

Woman holding sparkler

Now is the Time for You to Join a Community That is Focused on Long-Term Healing

Women smiling

It’s time for you to join thousands of other women who have taken control of their own recovery and become the pioneers of their own pelvic and bladder health. I want nothing less than a full recovery for every single woman who’s been suffering from pelvic floor symptoms.

When you join me right now you’ll get immediate access to everything I’ve outlined above and a whole lot more as our community grows by leaps and bounds, filled with women experiencing healing in ways they never thought they could.

Woman smiling

Join The Pelvic Wellness Collective and you’ll know in your heart and mind that you’re truly doing everything to heal as quickly and as fully as you can. My team and I will be there every step of the way to help ensure your success.

Like flipping on the light to a surprise party you had no idea existed, there’s an amazing group of women just waiting to help show you the way to ultimate health, no matter where on the journey you currently are.

Your path to health & wellness is in your hands, right HERE and right NOW.

Guaranteed safe checkout
Guaranteed safe checkout
Cancel anytime

No Long-term Contracts, Cancel at Any Time

There are no long-term contracts, so if you want to cancel your membership at any time, just let us know. (Please note that if you wish to rejoin later, it will be at the current pricing).

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Who is this for?

    This is for ANY woman who cares about her pelvic health. Of course, if you are currently suffering from leaking, prolapse, pain, or another pelvic condition you should definitely join us…

    Yet even if you just want the best preventative tips and exercises to keep your lady parts happy, we’d love to have you in the community!

  • Q: What’s included when I join the Pelvic Wellness Collective?
    • Live video calls with me and other women’s health experts
    • Downloadable cheat sheets to help you track your progress
    • A loving and compassionate community of women on the same journey
    • Ongoing interviews with the very best experts in female health
    • Monthly challenges
    • New monthly content created by Isa Herrera and her certified coaches
    • Private group
    • Regular updates on new techniques, workouts, and healing recipes to make your healing faster and more powerful.
    • Access to the online community and all the resources 24/7.
    • And much more!
  • Q: How much does it cost?

    Membership is just $47/month, but now it is discounted for $29/month…(and you’ll be locked into that awesome price forever). That’s less than the cost of 1 dinner out, and you get 24 by 7 access to all the tools you need for success, and a community of like-minded women you can speak to.

    Isa, that sounds awesome – I want to be a Member!

    Isa, that sounds awesome – I want to get on board with this community

  • Q: Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes, of course! There are no long-term contracts, so if you want to cancel your membership at any time, just let us know. (Please note that if you wish to rejoin later, it will be at the current pricing).

  • Q: Will there be access to you, Isa?

    You get access to my amazing team of world-renowned experts, physical therapists who have been trained by me, and I will be the host of the monthly masterclasses, and several times per year I will do my own live masterclasses.

Guaranteed safe checkout