• Powerful anti-aging complete protein supplement. Gives your skin, bones, and lady parts a do-over, erasing decades of wrinkles, dryness, and discomfort.

    "I feel like my 25-year-old self again" ~Nancie S.

    Science-Backed Peptides for Ageless Skin, Pelvic Floor & Bones

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    My skin looks smoother, and my nails don’t break, and I feel better. Plus, I’m not in pain after my workouts which is a big plus as well!, Crystal R, Collagen Customer

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If You’re A Woman Over 40… Here’s Why Most Collagen Supplements Can Actually Hurt You, Causing Unexplained Anxiety, “Down There” & Bladder Problems!

Total Fem Collagen Product Details:

Finally, the ONLY collagen supplement specifically designed for women… by a woman! To help rapidly reduce the signs of aging AND maintain your pelvic and bladder health for the long term!*

Collagen is often touted as being a “fountain of youth” or an “anti-aging miracle,” but there’s far more to it than that, especially when it comes to your pelvic floor health.

The female body relies on this firming protein to support healthy pelvic floor muscles, vulva skin, hair, skin, nails, bone and joint health, and digestion.

From our pelvic floor muscles to our bones and everything else in between, maintaining this protein’s production is essential for overall pelvic health, feminine wellness, and for looking young.*

And Rootganics Total Fem Collagen is formulated unlike any other collagen supplement on the market.

It’s packed with all five of the most important collagen peptides you need to combat aging on a cellular level.

It’s manufactured at one of the premier lab facilities in the country and triple-checked for purity and quality, not once, not twice but three times throughout the process.

If you want to:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles*
  • Maintain healthy bone density *
  • Ease painful joints *
  • Dramatically improve your skin elasticity *
  • Get back your thick lustrous hair and strong nails *
  • Improve your digestion and liver function*
  • And help maintain your pelvic and bladder health to help end prolapse, pain, and leaking forever!*

This is your chance to make it all happen*. Total Fem Collagen doesn’t have any synthetic vitamin C making it safer for your bladder health and includes two essential amino acids, Tryptophan and L Theanine that tackle anxiety and work in synergy with collagen production in the body.

Plus it’s completely flavorless and odorless, you can mix it in your coffee or juice, add it to your favorite recipes and get a collagen kick as often as you like!

Doctor Recommended:


"Collagen is a vital protein that helps keep women’s bodies, skin, and bones from seeing the signs of aging more rapidly than they should.

Collagen is a much-needed product that helps women with the aging process, improves pelvic issues and heals diseases of the bones and joints. As women age, the need for Collagen becomes essential.

I believe that Collagen is an essential nutrient for women’s healing. I always recommend a premium quality collagen supplement to my patients because it can help with hormonal disorders, gut imbalances, aging joints, and other signs of aging.

There is a BIG difference in the quality and effectiveness between a Premium quality collagen supplement and your everyday collagen peptides found in many drugstore supplements and that quality is super important to get the many benefits that collagen can provide.

For Collagen to effectively support women’s bodies, joints, hair skin, it needs to be in its purest and cleanest form and contain all 5 of the most important collagen peptides and the right combination of nutrients.*

Here's What They Are Saying:

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    • Leanne P
      I love this collagen! And it ships in a timely manner.
    • Mary M
      I have received numerous compliments on my skin since I started adding Total Fem Collagen to my morning smoothie. So many people have complimented my skin or have asked me what I am doing to make my skin look so good. I don’t usually write reviews, but this product works!
    • Kathleen L
      I haven’t tried them yet

Total Fem Collagen Has Made My Skin Look Younger and Smoother. After Many Years Of Down There Problems, I Now Feel More Confident and Have Started Dating Again.

I looked in the mirror one day and started to notice wrinkles, and it was beginning to bother me. I’ve been divorced for five years and was looking to get back into dating. I didn’t want to do surgery. I wanted to do something more natural for my skin. I discovered Total Fem Collagen, and I love it! My skin looks smoother, my nails don’t break, and I feel better. Plus, I’m not in pain after my workouts which is a big plus as well” …Nancy Mercado


My Hair is Now Fuller and Has Stopped Falling Out. Thank God I Found Total Fem Collagen. I No Longer See Clumps of Hair In The Shower.

My hair was thinning out and falling out. I was very concerned and went to get tested. Everything was normal. So I thought it must be my hormones since I am going through the change. My friend told me that her hair was thick, wavy, and healthy since she started using Total Fem Collagen. So I immediately brought myself a bottle and after 4 weeks I notice my hair was not falling out in the shower” …Crystal Rodriguez


Collagen Type I: Supports Healthy Skin, Nails, Teeth, Tendons & Ligaments

This is by far the most prevalent type of collagen protein in the female body. It clocks in at nearly 90% of your entire collagen makeup and is responsible for some very important areas of your body. It helps maintain strong bones, thick lustrous hair and nails, healthy teeth, and even your tendons and ligaments. It’s a must-have in any collagen supplement. This type of Collagen helps to tighten vaginal and vulva tissue.


Collagen Type II: Maintains Healthy Joints

Every single joint in your body contains cartilage that can degrade and become damaged over time. This is why so many people over a certain age end up with hip replacements and knee replacements. Type 2 collagen is a large part of what makes up the cartilage in your joints keeping you healthy and active!


Collagen Type III: Supports Pelvic Organs Including Uterus, Intestines & Arteries


Type 3 collagen is incredibly important. It’s the second most common collagen in your body and it helps maintain the pliability of your organs, your arteries, and your skin. This particular collagen is important because it helps maintain your organs that include your pelvic floor organs, your vagina, your bladder, and more.

Collagen Type V: Involved in Healthy Hair & Elastic Skin

Type V collagen is found on the surface of your skin, helping elasticity and it’s also found directly in your hair as well and it can help your hair become fuller, healthier, and far less brittle over time. It’s also the kind of collagen found in the placenta. Placental collagen has long been used as a skin hydrating, lifting, and firming agent. So we had to add Type V collagen to this powerful formula. If you want lustrous vibrant hair and skin, getting Type V into your body is a MUST!


Collagen Type X: Keeps Bones & Tendons Strong


This is one of the least known yet incredibly important collagen peptides. It’s responsible for bone strength and bone formation. It’s also an important component of the cartilage that keeps your joints and tendons flexible and strong. Studies have shown that Type X collagen can help prevent some of the more common conditions of “aging” like arthritis and osteoporosis. It’s most commonly found in chickens and the membrane inside chicken eggs (which got it the nickname “eggshell collagen”) It’s vital to help with your aging.

There are two more compounds that are vitally essential to getting the most out of collagen supplementation….And the missing ingredients are… Tryptophan & L Theanine



You’re most likely familiar with tryptophan from its association with turkey on Thanksgiving and its reputation for making you drowsy (That’s actually somewhat of a myth though, the only way tryptophan can make you immediately sleepy is if you take it all by itself without any other amino acids) It’s an essential amino acid and the ONLY amino acid missing from collagen peptides. Collagen contains 8 out of the 9 amino acids that make up what’s called a “complete protein” and it has some amazing properties. Taking a collagen supplement that doesn’t contain tryptophan can actually deplete your serotonin levels and lead to worry despair and irritability. (And nobody’s got time for that!) Tryptophan actually helps maintain and boost those levels to help keep anxiety at bay! And it rounds out collagen making it a complete protein. But tryptophan has a sister amino acid that takes feelings of worry or despair and serotonin benefits to the next level and that amino acid is – L Theanine.

L Theanine


L Theanine is actually a very unique amino acid. It’s almost exclusively found in green tea! L Theanine is the compound that gives green tea the reputation to have relaxing qualities and it’s backed up by science. In studies, adults who ingested L Theanine had an increase in a specific brainwave pattern called “A waves.” These brain waves are considered to be an index of relaxation. And when adult humans were given an oral dose of L Theanine of between 50 to 200 mg, they experienced an increase in A-waves within 40 minutes of taking this amino acid.

This increase signifies relaxation without causing drowsiness. It has also proven to modify key neurotransmitters involved with focus, concentration, mood, and memory- as well as enhance the production of dopamine and serotonin.

It was a MUST add for our proprietary collagen formula. More on that in a minute.

And after my experience taking collagen that was MISSING these key ingredients, I knew that for women who desperately needed the benefits of collagen for their pelvic floor, it was a TRAGEDY that they were having to suffer with the side effects of the very thing that they were trying to help!

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