Attention Women Over 40:

The True Story of How One Postmenopausal Woman Finally Ditched the “Down There” Dryness, Burning, and Itching – In Just 60 Seconds!


Isa Herrera, at 51-Years-Old, Discovered the Homemade “Petal Perfection Serum” that Allows Any Woman to Resolve Their Thinning and Fragile Vulva Tissue Without Hormones, Messy Creams or Surgery. And For The First Time She’s Sharing The Full Details.

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Attention Women Over 40:

Rub this Petal Perfection Serum in “Down There” and Relieve Dryness, Burning, and Itching Within 60 Seconds!

Hi there I’m Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS

I'm known as America’s #1 pelvic healer and I’ve always been passionate about good health.

I am committed to providing effective, safe pelvic floor programs and women’s supplements. 

My life’s mission has been to help women heal their pelvic floor muscles naturally and holistically.

Because of that, I did something I thought I would never do and that is to write five books on the topic of women’s pelvic health. 

Another thing that I thought I would never do was to be on countless TV shows and news media, such as The Today Show, MTV True Life, and Regis and Kelly, to name a few.

But those are just the accolades.

You see, my life spiraled out of control after I had my first baby at the age of 41. Not only was I a new mother with a brand new baby, but I also went immediately into menopause…

Leading to:

Old couple
X mark

Excruciating pain during intimacy

X mark 2

A near-constant itching and burning sensation “down there”

Need to urinate
X mark 3

Embarrassing bladder problems

And an overall feeling that part of my womanhood had been stolen from me.

Now, if any of that sounds familiar to you, I know exactly how you’re feeling. And as I’m about to reveal, you don’t have to suffer in silence with these distressing issues anymore!

There is hope, and there is a solution…


An all-natural approach that has helped over 15,000 women reclaim their femininity, restore their intimate relationships and live a life free from painful, embarrassing “down there” issues!


Women like Lexi who said:

“It was terrible when my doctor diagnosed lichen sclerosis, and the side effects from steroids made me even more uncomfortable in that area than before - there’s nothing worse than itching all day long! I’m so glad to finally have relief from being so dry & sore… I’m grateful to be intimate again, and I feel like a whole woman. Thank you Isa!”


And Marian who explained::

“The moment I hit menopause my tissues shriveled up and became very fragile. I tried the hormones my doctor gave me but I started to have some weird breakthrough bleeding and I didn’t like how they made my breast feel. I knew the hormones were bad for me so I wanted to find a natural way to relieve my symptoms and I’m so happy I did! The little cuts that I was getting with intimacy have healed and I’m having amazing orgasms. Plus I can pee and wipe myself without pain!”


And even Sandra who said:

“I used to have a fishy odor in my vagina for years that made me feel uncomfortable. I was embarrassed about it so I went to several doctors. They kept putting me on antibiotics which made the itching worse. Since finding Isa’s solution, the fishy odor disappeared, and I have no more itching and the pain is gone!

But as I mentioned earlier, suffering with my lady parts and bladder problems wasn’t in vain…

Because the pain and humiliation I experienced helped me to create a pelvic revolution, giving hope to thousands of women across the world!

But first, let me take you back to my lowest point…

Back when I was at my most vulnerable…

Struggling to understand what was happening to my body and not knowing if anyone could help me…

Because as hard as it is for me to go back to that time in my life, I know it will help you realize that there is hope and that YOU too can break free from the sensitive, embarrassing, and emotional distress that comes with having “down there” issues.

Now, I'm sure you can agree that there is nothing more devastating than having broken, dry, and itchy lady parts and not being able to be intimate with the partner you love...

And that's on top of the exhausting day-to-day issues like the non-stop itching, bladder leakage, and the inability to even pee without experiencing pain!

Maybe you can relate to the feelings of hopelessness that come with these problems…

Sad lady

Feeling like you’ve lost part of your womanhood through no fault of your own…

And feeling the daily discomfort that can’t help but bleed over into your relationship and day-to-day life.

If these issues sound familiar, I urge you to keep reading.

Because in a moment I’m going to reveal the 60-second Petal Perfection Serum that any woman can use to relieve “down there” pain, burning, and discomfort.

But first, it’s important you know how I came across this discovery….

See, knowing that I needed to come back to health for the sake of my marriage, and that led me on a desperate journey to find the solution.

So I studied with renowned healers and the top doctors in New York City.

I trawled through book after book…

Research journal after research journal…

Hoping to find a solution to my problems.

But the only so-called solutions I could find? Well, they either involved expensive surgery, hormone injections, or messy creams (that never seemed to work)!

And as much as I wanted relief, I didn’t want to pump my body full of hormones or put myself through any invasive procedures…

At that point, I decided to turn to internet forums, desperate to find an all-natural, home remedy that would help me...

Operating room

I mean, I knew I wasn't the only woman struggling with these issues, and I was certain someone had to have figured out a natural solution.

So I went searching for answers – and boy did I find them!

But after months of trial and error, trying so-called “solutions” such as:

sec-image 1

Inserting garlic cloves “down there”

sec-image 2

Apple cider vinegar douches

sec-image 3

Yogurt dipped tampons

There was no improvement – and in fact, my symptoms were only getting worse.

At this point, I was close to giving up.

I’m sure you can relate…

You begin to have thoughts that you’ll just “find a way” to live with your pain, and discomfort forever…

And that you’ll simply have to say goodbye to your intimacy life for good.

It’s not a nice feeling.

In fact, it feels like surrendering to something that wasn’t even my fault!

Which is why, at that moment, I knew I had to keep searching…

Woman in bed

And I came across the needle in a haystack that I had been searching for…


It was an article from The North American Menopause Society that revealed the root cause of my issues, as well as how to put an end to them.

You see, as you probably know when we go through menopause, our estrogen levels drop…

But what you might not realize, is that when this happens, the acidic pH balance of the vagina is also thrown off.

Which means that instead of being slightly acidic, the pH balance is too alkaline, leaving us more susceptible to infection and bacterial overgrowth…

Which in turn leads to the dryness, itching, burning, and pain that so many of us know all too well.

At that moment it hit me…

While my vagina was in desperate need of balance, I had spent years throwing “extra-strength” products at it, which you guessed it, caused the PH balance to become even more unbalanced…

Just think, when you walk down the aisle of the pharmacy, how many vaginal health products are available that are full of chemicals, fragrances, and preservatives?

These toxins irritate the delicate skin of your vagina and push it further out of balance – causing a vicious cycle of dryness, discomfort, and embarrassment…

That leads you to purchase MORE of these harsh, chemical-filled products!

It’s no wonder the $60 BILLION dollar “personal care” industry wants to keep us in a constant state of discomfort and fluctuating PH balances – for the sake of increasing their profits!

I knew I had to find a way to reverse this cycle….

I knew I had to find a way to balance the PH of my vagina that was simple, gentle, and effective – without the harsh so-called “solutions” that were causing my body so much pain.

But I didn’t know how…

So I went back to the drawing board only this time, I had a newfound understanding of the problem.

Woman eating

Initially, I was successful in finding some helpful natural recipes that were said to help balance the PH, but I encountered a new problem...

There were so many concoctions out there, each with a list of extremely expensive, hard-to-find ingredients that required specific measurements and time-consuming preparation.

But, if this was the only way to finally get my PH balance back in check, then I was willing to give it a shot!

So, I made multiple orders, from multiple suppliers…

And spent a whole weekend in my kitchen, measuring and mixing different ingredients… I felt like a mad scientist!

I made enough for a month’s supply and decided I’d give it a try.

That first week, I noticed a difference…

My burning, itching, and pain seemed to be a little bit better…

I was elated! But unfortunately, this was short-lived…

Because after just a couple of weeks, the same old symptoms were back and I was CRUSHED.

I followed all of the instructions, carefully measured each individual ingredient, and applied the concoction RELIGIOUSLY…

But still, my symptoms kept coming back, more aggressive than ever.

I was heartbroken because I really felt like this was my

last chance to find a natural solution.

But then, I remembered something my mother used to say…

“Less is more”

And that’s when it finally clicked for me.

All of the recipes and concoctions out there called for an abundance of ingredients, all of which had their own PH levels.

And I realized that rather than creating a perfect balance, these concoctions were just further throwing my pH out of whack.

So, I took a step back.

Threw out all of the recipes I had been trying…

And instead, focused on finding a single, natural ingredient that would help balance my pH and keep it that way!

Which eventually led me to come across a remedy that had been used for centuries by women around the world…

A “Miracle” Ingredient that Healed My Dryness and Pain Practically Overnight!

This ingredient is so powerful that it has a reputation for increasing libido, and one review even suggested it significantly increases “down-there” function in women experiencing menopause. (10)

Not only that, but it contains a high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and it boasts anti-inflammatory properties (11) to provide relief from vaginal inflammation and can have a healing effect reducing redness and dryness on the external the down there tissues.

Plus, it has antibacterial powers against even E. coli, strep, and staph infections. It can kill candida, which is the pesky fungus that causes vaginal yeast infections.(12,13,14)


This ancient ingredient is completely natural and has been used for CENTURIES.…

I was BLOWN AWAY by the stacks of research that backed up its ability to balance a woman’s PH and relieve symptoms, without the nasty side effects of chemical treatments… I knew I had to try it.

PH scale

The only problem is, that trying this ingredient in its raw form was not only difficult to source, but EXTREMELY expensive…

So, I purchased the smallest amount of this miracle ingredient in a highly potent form…

Diluted it in some organic coconut oil and organic vitamin  E, and applied it to my dry, inflamed skin…

And in just a few days, I noticed a HUGE difference!

I tried not to get my hopes up because this had happened to me before…

But as the weeks went on…

I noticed a SIGNIFICANT decrease in pain, dryness, and inflammation.

And for the first time in months, I was able to be intimate with my husband without experiencing extreme pain and discomfort.

Put simply, this “miracle” ingredient had completely transformed my life!

My low libido, painful dryness, and extreme discomfort were a thing of the past.

So WHAT is this ingredient that can fight
inflammation and bacteria, help restore your
delicate PH balance and revitalize you “down there”……


The Surprising Benefits of Rose Oil for Your “Down There” Parts

It takes an incredible 252,000 individual petals freshly picked and distilled roses to make just 5 milliliters of rose oil… It’s no wonder it’s one of the most prized (and most expensive) essential oils! But as I found out, it’s more than worth its hefty price tag, because rose oil:

Petal oil
Check mark 1

Can increase libido and the desire for intimacy in menopausal women (10)

Check mark 2

Relieves redness and inflammation “down there”

Check mark 3

Can reduce pain, inflammation and increase wound healing,

Check mark 4

Is completely natural, and allergic reactions to it are extremely rare.

Check mark 5

Has been shown to exhibit antibacterial powers against even E. coli, strep, and staph infections. It can kill candida, which is the pesky fungus that causes vaginal yeast infections.

For ALL of these reasons, Rose Oil is the key ingredient in the “secret” formula that gave me my life back and transformed thousands of women’s lives…

Until now, this secret formula is something that I made at home in small batches.

But I knew more women needed it.

Women who had gone through the same struggles that I had – feeling powerless and trapped in a never-ending cycle of dryness, pain, and discomfort

Women who couldn’t otherwise access expensive ingredients like rose oil, imported from Bulgaria, in a highly potent and pure form.

That’s why I’m SO HAPPY and excited to announce…

Woman smiling
Pelvic logo

The “Down There Oil” Vaginal Serum…

for Happier and Ageless “Lady Parts”


The Down There Oil helps alleviate dryness, itching, and burning – without irritating ingredients or fragrances found in other products and pharmaceuticals found on the market today.

With just three ingredients, don’t let its simplicity fool you – this synergistically powerful, science-based formula relies on the QUALITY of ingredients to rejuvenate your delicate vulva skin like nothing else can.

With Rootganic Down There Oil Vaginal Serum, your vaginal pH level is supported, leaving your vulva feeling fresh and lubricated.

Now we must remember that not all rose oil is created equal. So you will find the BEST most potent rose in the Down There Oil. It contains pure Undiluted RoseDamascena Oil (Bulgarian Rose Oil), organic coconut oil, and pure organic Vitamin E.

I believe that every woman should be using The Down There OilTM, not just for pelvic health but for all the other amazing benefits that my vaginal serum can bring… and that’s how then Down There Oil was was born.

I want the Down There Oil to help women have happier “lady-parts”, more supple pelvic tissues, less discomfort, and healthy vulva-vaginal skin as they age and go through perimenopause and menopause.

Woman  holding bottle

The “Down There Oil” Vaginal Serum for Happier and Ageless “Lady Parts”

Rosa Damascena Oil

Rose oil is a potent oil with the power to heal and protect. Its all-natural, allergy-free nature makes it an exceptional choice for those who want their vaginas back in shape, feeling young and hydrated.

It is refreshing to know that there are natural remedies for our intimate parts in a world filled with toxic feminine hygiene products. 

Since ancient times, Rose oil has been used as an alternative cure-all and tonic for the female anatomy in general.

Red flower

Most importantly, though? 

Rose oil has incredible medicinal properties and helps maintain youthful skin cells due to its anti-aging abilities on top of reducing yeast infections caused by Candida Albicans (the fungus). 

It doesn’t contain any hormones, making rose oil safe without worrying about side effects, unlike other prescription hormonal drugs that many doctors prescribe today.

Unfortunately, most of the rose oil on the market today is diluted.

But not ours!

We use the purest form of rose oil, giving our customers a premium product at a price they can afford. In fact, it takes over 8,000 rose flowers to produce one 5ml bottle of rose oil!

Organic Coconut Oil

The coconut oil used in our Down There Oil Vaginal Serum formulation is organic, meaning there’s nothing artificial added to make you feel icky after using the serum! 

Organic coconut oil enhances your skin’s ability to protect itself. It has an anti-inflammatory effect on cells, which means less aging for those who use natural oils like ours every day. 

Organic coconut oil also has an antimicrobial effect that inhibits bacterial growth, further protecting you from dryness, itching, burning, or discomfort.

Coconut oil

Organic Vitamin E

We all want to feel young, sexy, and confident. 

Restoring feminine dryness is no easy feat for women who are suffering from hormone changes that cause the unsettling razor-burn sensation or just plain old regular down-there discomfort. 

Luckily, our Down There oil can help! It contains the best source of vitamin E. 

Recent research has shown that vitamin E offers relief to women who suffer from vulva dryness. It has many benefits, including antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory relief for lady parts.

Our Down There oil infused with Vitamin E absorbs immediately with only one application to hydrate itchy skin and promote elasticity for a stretch that feels amazing.

Yellow flower oil

When you combine rose oil, organic coconut oil, and vitamin E, they work synergistically to bring profound vitality to the female tissues.

The Down There Oil’s moisturizing properties and its ability to keep bacteria and fungi at bay — coupled with its delicate scent, make it the perfect solution to keep your sensitive vulva skin looking and feeling its best.

The Down There Oil Vaginal Serum is a revolutionary vaginal serum that contains 100% pure, therapeutic-grade Rose oil, organic coconut oil, and vitamin E in the perfect dosage for feminine healing.

This powerful formula will fuel your intimate area with hydrating nourishment and promote healing of the most delicate of tissues for increased sensual enjoyment all year round!.

Our proactive plant-based “Down There Oil” works gently yet effectively to systemically address symptoms associated with dryness, burning, inflammation, scar tissue, and general vulva irritation and skin thinning/atrophy without interfering with hormones or vaginal pH balance.

We keep it simple, effective, potent, and science-based.

Your confidence and love life are about to be revitalized with this all-natural, pelvic floor therapist-created vaginal serum.

Woman with black hair
Checkmark 1

Just imagine: NO MORE dryness, NO MORE inflammation, NO MORE burning and itching!

Old couple
Checkmark 2

Just a feeling of connection with your partner, and a newfound confidence in yourself and in the bedroom!

Woman windy
Checkmark 3

The specialized ingredients in the “Down There Oil” will turn back the clock, increasing moisture in your most delicate areas while rich moisturizers soothe irritated tissues

Suitable for women without fear of side effects and it’s especially helpful during cyclical dryness or when during the postpartum period after childbirth.

It’s also great for occasional irritation and burning that can happen after intimacy.

It is especially healing for women who are in perimenopause/menopausal and can help alleviate dryness and atrophy due to hormonal changes.

The best part of the “Down There” oil is that it is a non-hormonal serum that can be used safely by all women!…













Because it is made with 100% organic, all-natural ingredients, you can rest assured that your vulva tissue will be nourished and revitalized without being exposed to toxic artificial ingredients…

The artificial ingredients that keep the vicious cycle going!

I’ve used this oil blend myself for years to keep yeast infections at bay. I also adore its moisturizing and skin regenerative properties. It helps keep the delicate vulva revived and lubricated as nothing else can.

This potent formula will end the torture of dryness and discomfort down there…

Giving you back your confidence, your love life, and the peace of mind that comes with it.

The “Down There” Oil is Safe, Natural, non-GMO, Estrogen Free, No Parabens, No Toxins, No Additives, and Vagina Friendly!

Pelvic floor physical therapist and women’s health expert, Isa Herrera MSPT, CSCS, ensures that our customers’ products are both trustworthy for their intended use and well-sourced from trusted labs. Isa and her team make sure all ingredients come with high standards before being shipped out worldwide.

Woman with laptop

Isa Herrera, MSPT CSCS,
Creator of the Down There Oil

Proven Research & Clinically Developed

House icon

Isa and her team of health and medical experts went through hundreds of studies to uncover the world’s most proven, science-backed ingredients to radically transform the health of your vaginal tissues based on recent research and clinical testing.

Isa Herrera MSPT, CSCS, developed the Down There Rose oil in clinical practice with thousands of women who found relief from dry, itchy, and burning tissues.

Proven Research & Clinically Developed

Leaf icon

The Down There Oil contains pure, undiluted Rose Damascena (Bulgarian rose), organic coconut oil, and organic vitamin E. 

These are clean, effective ingredients of the utmost quality that benefit the vulva-vaginal skin. Each batch is tested for purity and potency. 

We’re proud to say that your Down There Oil will meet and even exceed your expectations in bringing you real, noticeable results by helping restore dryness, moisture, and skin elasticity. 

Its warming sensation isn’t just temporary. It provides soothing relief that can last for hours. 

I have personally been using it for the last five years, and so have thousands of other women with excellent results. Both the rose, organic coconut oil, and organic vitamin E are ethically and sustainably sourced essential oils.

Powerful Formula For Feminine Healing

Female icon

The ingredients inside of Down There oil work together as a powerful vaginal-rejuvenation formula to help support healthy vulva tissues. 

It contains the correct healing dosage that was formulated in a clinical setting with thousands of women. You can be confident you’re getting a top-quality vaginal formula inside every single bottle. 

Because we use the best rose, organic coconut oil, and organic vitamin E, you can be assured that you are NOT getting a watered-down version of essential oils. 

Our formula was specifically and carefully created and has been used by thousands of women since 2010.

Proven Research & Clinically Developed

Thumbs up icon

We did not cut corners when we created our Down There Oil. Our GMP-certified and FDA-compliant lab (the gold standard quality amongst supplements) ensures that the “Down There” Oil is made with top-quality paraben-free, estrogen-free… with ZERO additives or toxins. 

Following GMP practices, we make sure that our “Down There” Oil is free from contamination and consistent in its manufacture. 

All personnel are well trained, and the Down There Oil has been checked for quality before, during, and after manufacture.

GMP Quality

And the best part?

The Down There Oil is Available at a Price Anyone Can Afford!

Look, before I discovered Rose Oil and the other incredible ingredients inside my Down There Oil…

I would’ve paid anything to end my discomfort.

After all, it’s not just me who used to suffer…

It was my loving husband – who I could no longer be intimate with.

So if you said I could fix my problem for $500 or $1,000? I would have jumped at the chance!

But listen – I know that not everyone can afford to pay $500 or higher…

And you shouldn’t have to either.

Being healthy and comfortable should be a right for everyone.

Which is why we’ve done everything possible to produce the “Down There” Oil at a price anyone can afford…

checkmark 4

We made sure to cut out any “middle-men” like Amazon, who would charge fees and make us raise our prices as a result…

checkmark 4

We spoke to our ingredient suppliers and negotiated the best deals possible (without sacrificing quality), and…

checkmark 4

We only sell online to ensure we don’t have any extra overheads that would force us to charge more…

So how much will you have to pay to relieve your vaginal discomfort with the Down There Oil?

Not $500…

Not $400… $300… or even $200…

You can get a single bottle of the Down There Oil for just $29.99 today!

But before you order, I want to sweeten the deal.

Down There bottles

See, I can tell you from my own experience…

And the experience of hundreds of women who have finally resolved their “down there” problems once and for all…

That the best results are almost always experienced by those who use the Down There Oil for at least a few months.

The reason why is that it takes time to support the right vaginal pH level.

Remember: an imbalanced pH level is the cause of your itchiness, dryness and discomfort.

Sure, a one month supply will give you relief when you need it.

But for long lasting change, we always recommend taking a 3-month supply. Or 6-month supply for the best results possible.

Which is why we’re going to make it easy for you to say “yes” to a larger supply today.

Happy couple

If you choose a 3-month supply, you’ll pay just $39.99 per bottle – that’s a 26% discount…

Or if you select a 6-month supply, you’ll enjoy the steepest discount possible…

44% off – for a total of $142.56 in savings.

In other words, select a 6-month supply and pay just $29.99 per bottle!

Plus, when you order a 3- or 6-month supply, we’ll even throw in free shipping. So you won’t pay anything extra!

So now’s the time.

Select the package that’s right for you below.

1 Bottle Item Kit


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Revive Your Love Life, Feel Younger and Ditch the “Down There” Dryness, Burning and Itching by Selecting Your Package Now


Your Order Today is Totally Risk-Free!

At Rootganic we believe in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a Risk-Free 60-Day Return & Refund Policy.

Which means if you don’t start to see improvements or results in your life…

If your pain and discomfort don’t begin to melt away…

If your burning or itchiness doesn’t vanish…

Then simply return the unused portion of your order and we’ll refund every penny you pay today.

To arrange this, simply reach out to our friendly Customer Care Center. They won’t ask any questions. And as soon as your order arrives back with us, they’ll return your money.

Bottom line?

You aren’t risking a single red cent by trying out the Down There Oil today.

If it doesn’t work for you…

Or if your results are just half of what I’ve promised…

Then we will happily refund your purchase.

No strings attached.


1 Bottle Item Kit


2 Bottles Item Kit


3 Bottles Item Kit


Take the first step to turning back the hands of time “down there”. Select the package that’s right for you right now.


At Rootganic We Keep Things Simple, Potent & Science-based

Rootganic is a company that is revolutionizing the way women care for themselves and maintain their femininity with top-of-the-line products

Rootganic’s founder, Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, has been bringing education online through her website and providing trustworthy supplements to help enhance every facet in which female health may be compromised. We focus on pelvic floor and bladder health, menopausal support; Positive Mindset, and Fitness and Wellness.

Rootganic, as a company, is dedicated to supporting women throughout their lives. Root-based products are free of harsh chemicals or irritants that help root out problems at their source through science-backed research into female physiology and psychology.

Rootganic is dedicated to changing the way we think about pleasure – by creating evidence-based and clinically proven supplements. Thousands of women are using Rootganic products with much success and I’m sure you will love them too!


Real Testimonials From Real Women


“My Fishy Odor & Itching is Gone.”

“I used to have a fishy order in my vagina for years that made me feel uncomfortable. I was embarrassed about it so I went to several doctors. They kept putting me on antibiotics which made the itching worse. I started using the Down There oil, the fishy odor disappeared, and I have no more itching and the pain is gone.”

Sandra Miller


“My tissues are healthy again. No more painful cuts.“

“The moment I hit menopause my tissues shriveled up and became very fragile. I tried the hormones my doctor gave me but I started to have some weird breakthrough bleeding. I didn’t like why the hormones made my breast feel. I knew the hormones were bad for me so I started using Isa’s Down There oil. I am so happy with my results. The little cuts that I was getting with intimacy have healed and I am having amazing orgasms. Plus I can pee and wipe myself without pain.”

Marian Ross


“I Feel Like a Woman Again After Years of Suffering From Vaginal Dryness“

“I’m so glad I finally found a hydrating oil for an intimate area. It was terrible when my doctor diagnosed lichen sclerosus, and the side effects from steroids made me even more uncomfortable in that area than before- there’s nothing worse than itching all day long! The Down There helped moisturize my tissue which gave me relief from being so dry & sore… I apply it several times a day and before I go to sleep. I am grateful to be intimate again, and I feel like a whole woman again. Thank you Isa.”

Lexi Salamone

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You Are One Click Away From Finally Relieving Your Embarrassing “Personal” Problems For Good. Select Your Package Now.


Imagine the Possibilities…

  • Imagine no more burning, itchy vulva skin and wearing what you want, including tight skinny jeans, and soothing irritated skin as you get off the pantiliner lifestyle.
  • Imagine feeling more confident in your body (in the bedroom too) and feeling more pleasure as your re-connect to your true vibrant self.
  • Imagine feeling delicious “down-there” with rejuvenated “lady-parts” and having great intimacy with mind-blowing connections.
  • Imagine having more supple hydrated vulvar skin so you can move and play without inhibitions and fear.

It’s all possible with The Down There Oil Vaginal Serum

And right now it’s easy to get started.

I have a special introductory offer for my community of Queens

I want you to SAVE…

Order right and NOW we’ll rush you your very first supply of The Down There Oil… It’s less than a cup of coffee every day and brings with it ALL the amazing benefits we’ve talked about up till now.

Click the button below and get your order placed now during this introductory special pricing!

couple hug

Your investment is 100% risk-free

Try out Down There Oil Vaginal Serum for 60 days. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, return the unused portion, and we’ll give you back every penny – no questions asked.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Click the “+” sign to expand each question and answer

  • What causes Vaginal dryness?

    Menopausal women are more prone than other people to the changes that occur in their vaginas throughout menopause. During this time, estrogen levels drop and create change on a cellular level, thinning out typical lush elastic tissue into something thinner with less blood flow or lubrication capabilities.

    For example, breastfeeding mothers experience vaginal dryness because of decreased estrogen production, while taking birth control pills can cause hyperplasia – an abnormal increase in pregnancy-related growths within tissues around our reproductive organs. Smokers also may notice altered anatomy as they inhale tar particles that interfere with circulation (among many other effects). Women with tight pelvic floor muscles have decreased vulva-vaginal circulation, which can contribute to vaginal dryness, burning, itching, and pain. Women who douche, use pantyliners, or scented feminine products may also experience vaginal dryness.

  • How do I use The Down There Oil

    To effectively use the “Down There” vaginal serum, place 3-5 drops externally on the vulva tissue inside the inner vaginal lips. You can also use another 3-5 drops directly on the outer vaginal lips.

    For women with anal itching and pain, 3-5 drops around the anal rim.

    If you’ve experienced a tough day and feel low, I recommend you place five drops of the Down There oil directly onto the chest and rub. One 5 ml bottle should last you about 30 days.

  • How does The Down There Oil work?

    The Down There Oil vaginal serum works to rejuvenate vaginal tissues by improving moisture, improving skin elasticity, and helping to keep vaginal PH in check. Rose oil has been shown to be anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and helps improve skin elasticity.

    Many women report less burning, less itching, and less discomfort during intimacy. It’s easy to apply and no applicator is needed. We make it simple and safe for women to confidently use the Down There Rose Oil.

    What’s more, rose oil also has a reputation for increasing libido, and one review even suggested it significantly increased sexual function in women experiencing menopause.

  • Does The Down There Oil have any side effects?

    Some of the wonderful effects (results) that our customers have reported as a result of using the Down There oil include:

    • Less vulva dryness
    • More vulva-vaginal moisture
    • Increased skin elasticity
    • Stronger pelvic floor muscles and better kegel exercises
    • Better sleep
    • Fewer cuts and scrapes on the vulva skin
    • Less vulva pain
    • Less soreness after intimacy
    • Less redness and irritation
    • Improved libido

    With that said, with any supplement, every woman’s body is different and can react differently. We recommend that you consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any new supplement.

  • Is your Down There Oil safe to be used inside the vagina?

    The Down There Oil is for external use only. It can be used on the vulva, vaginal lips, around the anal skin, and even on the chest and belly. We use therapeutic grade and organic ingredients and body-safe ingredients so they never irritate or harm the skin in any way when applied externally!

  • Is the Down There Oil a type of medicine?

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  • I am pregnant. Can I use the Down There Oil?

    We recommend that anyone who is pregnant consult medical professionals before using any essential oil products, including The Down There Oil.

  • Can men use the Down There oil?

    Here at Rootganic, we are for all humans. Whether you have a vulva, penis, anus, or any other body part, we create products that are meant just for YOU! So yes, men can use it externally for anal irritation or for perineal skin dryness.

  • Hey Isa where did you get your research information from?

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When you Purchase Our Products You Help Put A Girl Through School By Helping To Support “She’s The First” Charity

We’re proud to partner with some very special organizations doing important work. When you purchase any Rootganic product, you’ll be helping us support She’s the First, an award-winning international non-profit organization that provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries around the world, supporting them as they become the first in their families to graduate from high school. Since I was the first in my family to graduate high school (and college), this cause is very near and dear to my heart. 100% of the money donated to She’s the First reaches the recipient.

Group photo

Ready to Be More Confident, Experience More Pleasure & Reclaim Your Queendom?

While women of all ages can experience the benefits of Down There Oil, if you’re a woman over 40 it’s even more important to finally take charge of your health and find a solution that nourishes your lady parts WITHOUT exposing them to toxic chemicals, hormones, or harsh medications.

The Down There Oil has 3 pure, natural ingredients with a centuries-old history of healing.

Try it and you’ll immediately feel the difference…

And then keep using it to enjoy the libido-boosting, moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-anxiety benefits that it provides.

Imagine being excited about intimacy…enjoying more pleasure…feeling relaxed and happy…pampered and loved.

Try the Down There Oil…your lady parts will thank you

Your investment is 100% risk-free

Try out Down There Oil Vaginal Serum for 60 days. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, return the unused portion, and we’ll give you back every penny – no questions asked.


1 Bottle Item Kit


2 Bottles Item Kit


3 Bottles Item Kit


This is it. Your last chance to enjoy lasting relief from your personal area discomfort. Select the package that’s right for you now.


References and Research:

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